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Find the Right Commercial Property

When considering different commercial property listings, make sure you assess the following in addition to your property parameters:

  • Location: Make sure that the property is either around your ideal customer or ideal workforce. You’ll want to find a space that has adequate foot traffic and vehicle traffic as well as adequate parking for customers or employees.
  • Amenities and services: You’ll want to understand the full range of amenities offered by the commercial space. These amenities and services may include such things as communal rooms, free Wi-Fi, loading bays and docks, dining options, outdoor space, sewage and utilities, on-site security, and more. The zoning of your business will often dictate the type of amenities and services you require.
  • Landlord history: This is important to understand since commercial leases are typically multiyear agreements. The landlord you choose will most likely dictate the lease agreement, changes to the agreement, rental increases, and more.
  • Anchor tenants: Some multiunit commercial properties have an anchor tenant, such as Wal-Mart, Target, or other large chain retailers. If the anchor tenant leaves, the landlord might be able to get out of the property’s other leases legally. Make sure you know about any anchor tenants before you sign a lease.



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