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Government Services

After many years working with government entities, Government Services at KW Commercial (KWGS) was formed to help provide government clients the services they need to analyze and monetize their under performing or unrecognized real estate assets. Working closely with our clients, we help to provide the highest economic return possible to the government entity.

Asset Analysis

KW Commercial’s Government Services (KWGS) team is highly skilled in the ability to evaluate the land and building resources that a government entity has under their jurisdiction. We review the assets and work with the entity to develop a prioritized list of the resources. Based on the entity’s needs and desires, we recommend which properties to hold, sell and/or lease. We can identify which land, underutilized sites (e.g., brown or grey field properties), or existing buildings (e.g. current and/or former schools, DPW facilities, police, fire, or town halls) are best to develop or redevelop into productive, taxable sites. We will help to get the highest and best prices for any sale and/or lease options.

Brokerage Services

Our Government Services advisor specializing in brokerage and assemblage possess an exceptional understanding of the complex factors that influence the land brokerage transaction and have the extensive experience and contacts to get the deal done right. Our associates provide solutions based on constantly evolving factors such as zoning and regulatory issues, demographic and traffic patterns, and overall political and economic trends. Expanding on the fundamentals of brokerage, our associates ensure that the client’s unique business considerations are addressed and that the negotiation process is a win-win. Working in coordination with our other specialties, our land brokerage services offer a solid and well-rounded approach to land acquisition and disposition.


KWGS Commercial’s Government Services offers consulting services related to the improvement, expansion or change and adaptation of a present use of a property, to a higher and better use or state. Our team provides a wide range of high quality, cost-effective land planning services for government agencies, private landowners, developers and other interested parties. As needed, we team with expert specialty consultants to complement our staff and address all matters that might arise on a project. Our intent is to foster long-term relations with reputable parties and like-minded groups to produce well conceived projects. While working on these efforts, we are proud to stand by our character, quality of work, and the continued betterment of the communities that we work in. We can also provide market analysis to identify current conditions for specific development markets.

Leasing Services

Office Properties

Finding the right office space entails many considerations and complications beyond simply finding the right location. Office tenant representation demands knowledge of local market conditions and trends, as well as a keen set of negotiating skills to successfully structure a client’s lease document. Tracking rents, rent concessions, operating expense pass-throughs, changes in technology and other factors are part of what KWGS Commercial’s Government Services is dedicated to knowing.

Retail Services

For our government clients with retail uses, the advantages of partnering with KWGS Commercial’s Government Services and our Retail Properties associates are significant. Whether leasing a retail strip center or finding a new facility for a restaurant customer: location, speed to market and economic performance are as important to us as they are to our clients.

Monetize Assets

Many Government entities have limited resources to use in paying for new buildings, recreational facilities, roads, and/or other functions of government operations. What many entities may not realize is that they have assets available to them that may either not be needed any longer and can be sold, or can be repurposed through long-term leases (e.g., former schools, public buildings, or land).

KWGS Commercial’s Government Services understands the fine line many entities must follow to both produce revenue streams and provide public resources their constituents have come to expect. We work with the appropriate staff to develop a program to monetize marketable assets (MMA) that will address revenue priorities. We then work with senior management and their counsel to validate the MMA program interest.

Project Development

KWGS Commercial can manage the development of a project, including conceptualization through completion of permits and beyond. We coordinate the soils, survey, engineering and architectural components, leading up to the local, state and federal permit process.

Site Development

New Construction

Building on time and on budget are two passions of our KWGS Commercial Construction and Development Management associates. To ensure the best outcome for our government clients, KWGS Commercial’s Government Services has an extensive network of experienced construction professionals who provide effective leadership, sharp attention to detail and a valued partnership.

We also have broad-based strategic alliances with fee developers capable of overseeing and managing any type of real estate development. Our partners, who are established in local markets across United States and Canada, can guide our clients through governmental approvals for both small and large development projects.

Existing Building Sales

Representing buyers and sellers of investment real estate requires local market knowledge, knowledge of financing instruments and capital markets both domestically and abroad. KWGS Commercial’s Government Services keeps abreast of the latest trends and fluctuations in equity and debt markets, as well as local and national cap rates. Our vast network of international, private and institutional investors allows us to match our clients with the right investment opportunity, and maximize return on the investment.

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